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Have you ever had one of those days when you just don’t have much to say?  That’s how I feel today as the cold weather takes away the sun so early lately.  Today I let my clothes do the talking and my accessories spoke for itself.

If they all could speak, my hooded jacket might say, “I want to be quiet today and just be the observer.”  And my accessories would say, “But I’m not unfriendly, so it’s okay if you want to approach me”.

I must say though, if you ever go to a place like your boyfriend’s work’s holiday party and do not know anyone, I advise wearing accessories.  It might sound weird, but nice accessories is actually a very good conversation starter.  Most likely another woman will approach you to tell you how pretty they look and where you got it from.  If she liked your accessories, you obviously have something in common to talk about and you won’t feel as weird around strangers.