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Believe it or not, many woman aren’t a huge fan of lipstick.  I’m included in that group.  Unless you are a big make-up fanatic, lipstick is frown on or at least for me (at one point).

1. You have to worry about getting it stuck on your teeth

2. Your partner doesn’t really like kissing you with it on

3. It tastes horrible (not that I take bites out of it)

4. You have to keep reapplying

5.  It looks gross on the glass when you go out to eat

However, for that picture perfect kodak moment you want, lipsticks aren’t so bad.  If you ever plan on taking pictures; whether at a wedding, graduation party, cocktail party or for your blog, lipsticks are recommended.  If you really hate lipsticks, try color lip gloss. It brings out the color of your lips.  I’m not saying you have to be daring and put on bright red lipstick.  However, even something nude or light pink will still define your lips more for a better picture taking experience.  I know I noticed that I like my pictures more when I have something on my lips.

Look at celebrities, you never see them on the red carpet or on magazine covers without lipstick.  A little color couldn’t harm us, right?