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These are quick snap shots of this morning.  I wanted to show you guys the DIY detachable collar I made last night.  After drooling over the Eleven Objects version as worn below by Man Repeller, I decided to give it a shot at DIY before I splurge over $300.

The DIY version I made took 10 minutes from suede and not entirely what I wanted, as this is more of a draft.  I’m going to give it another shot tonight and make a different version.

If you haven’t heard of the detachable collar yet, well it’s time to hop on the trend because these will be out style as soon as the season changes.  You might be able to pull off light color ones in Spring, but by the time summer comes around, you’ll hear girls turning their heads saying, “That was so last year”.

So what’s so cool about these new accessories?  It adds accents to your outfit as the statement piece.  This is an easy way to mix patterns, texture, and colors with a simple top.  It’s the perfect piece when putting together an outfit and you feel like something is missing.

Have you  seen these around or tried them out yet?