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Hi Everyone.  I know I have been gone for a while and I apologize for that.  Due to the holidays and work, I’ve been extremely busy.  However, I’m back with the latest updates on trends and don’t forget there’s only a few more days left to enter my giveaway.

No matter what season it is, you can’t ever really go wrong with layers.  It just all depends on what it is that you are layering.

For example, everyone in Australia right now is enjoying summer; which makes it a perfect time to layer accessories.  Your fingers aren’t limited to only one ring anymore.  Give your outfit of the day a little vintage and flare with multiple accessories such as layers of bracelets or my favorites are layering rings and watches.

If you are like me and is still battling the winter, don’t think that layering accessories isn’t for you.  Your hands won’t go missing during the winter, so layering rings are an all year round trend.

Also, the perfect way to layer your bracelets and watches in the winter is to wear a light sweater and move the sleeves up a little to expose your skin, where you will cover it up with a watch and multiple bracelets.

Imagine going out to eat with friends or a date, then taking your coat off and displaying how well you accessorize.

Images:  Above are imagines are some of my favorite finds at Azalea Boutique