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Thank you for dropping by.  My name is Dara and I currently live in New York City.  This blog is a resource for me to express myself and my daily antics on fashion, food, travels and the randomness of life.  Hopefully, twenty years from now  I can come back to this page and be able to remember, smile and laugh over my rants and life journey.

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Contact me at: deardarasdiary@gmail.com

The Real Dara…

Well, if you read up until this point and took the time to click on “About Me”, then you deserve to know the real me, right?

I work in the fashion industry in New York City.  I am not a designer nor do I work for a magazine.  I’m the Marketing Director for a company that supplies materials to top designer brands; so I tend to know early ahead of time what materials and styles the designers plans to showcase during fashion week or what a fashion related tv show will feature before it airs.

I have and still do work with editors from magazines like Cosmopolitan, Lucky, Elle, InStyle and talents from different TV shows.  I have met a lot of celebrities through my work, some are the same as you see on tv and some you would not recognize in person.

I did not grow up with a passion for fashion, but I stumbled upon the industry after my move to New York and the fashion capital has changed my entire outlook on life and career.  Thank you so much for taking the time to get know me and I hope through this blog, I can learn to get to know you too.

4 thoughts on “About / Contact”

  1. Those glasses look fab on you 🙂

  2. ur so beautiful 🙂

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